Ooo, one of my favorite things in general is to shop local. I love it at home and I love it away from home even more. I am not sure why this topic hasn’t come up before in my travel blogging but I am excited that I thought of it today. I was having lunch in Durham, N.C. at the Blue Corn Cafe (delicious eggplant and spinach quesadillas and fresh squeezed lemonade) and thought I would take a walk afterward, after being in class all day. So, I checked out 9th Street which I had heard about from some local people.

I found a couple of really cool places (pictures below) and was thinking these places are so great but who reading this will actually go to them and maybe they’re not even interesting to anyone but me. But then I thought, oh wait, I could just talk shopping local in general. So there it is, my tiny plug to anyone reading to think about patronizing some small, local, funky gem in your ‘hood sometime soon because you are bound to find some pretty great stuff.

This place was super tiny and super packed with everything from shoes to toys to jewelry to cocktail supplies. There was something for everyone – I found gifts for three people I wasn’t even shopping for. I would tell you what I found but that would spoil the surprise.

This place was super minimal (lots of letterpress prints on cardboard and five of each item) and a little creepy (books on death, skulls, etc). The best part is that in addition to great merchandise they also made old fashioned sodas and had a long counter to sit at. Super fun!

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