I had the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese and the Trio salad with hearts of palm, candied walnuts and apples.

On the last day Stefanie and I headed back up to Miami, a four hour drive in total. It was also Stef’s birthday, so after getting repacked and relaxing for a little bit we headed out to meet up with some of her friends for a birthday dinner. We went to a place on the water called Trio on the Bay. The place was huge (inside and out) and the food and drinks were great. The view of the city from our waterside table was amazing but there weren’t a lot of people there eating. They opened about six months ago and apparently do a huge weekend business. If you are in the neighborhood I would definitely recommend checking this place out – and no wait for a table!

There was also a culinary event going on that Trio was a part of called Miami Spice. Miami’s top restaurants participate to bring three course meals for $22 lunch and $35 dinner. The event runs from August 1-September 30, so it’s over for now but it will be back if you care to join in on that. A great way to try out fancy places for a reasonable price. Thanks for stopping by!

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