My blog/life motto reads, “I’m seeking to make the world a smaller place by traveling and making friends wherever I can.” When I took the lovely Elise Larsen’s “Blog Love” e-course, she talked about some of the wonderful people she had met through blogging who were now close friends. Since many of my readers are friends and family, I thought this was just one of those things that only super famous bloggers got to experience. However, when a new blog reader and I started commenting back and forth on each other’s blogs we realized that we lived pretty close and that she would be in KC this weekend.

Julie, from My Roving I, and her husband came into town for a concert this weekend and we decided to meet up for a drink. For me it was the perfect way to end a long week at work. Julie and I had a surprising amount of things in common from our 10 year wedding anniversaries coming up in July to a love of travel and Ireland to being an anomaly among most of our friends for not having kids yet. Our husbands showed up about halfway through our cocktail hour and we all chatted comfortably until we went our separate ways for dinner, except for when we briefly met up a second time, both eyeing the “Most Beautiful Banana Republic in the World.” Maybe we’ll get to share in an adventure together one day. To new friends!

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