This has been a busy week of work in Nairobi getting ready for a conference next week but we were finally able to take a break today and head out to the Maasai Market. My co-worker, Madeleine, and I grabbed a cab after a late breakfast and started our day with major bargaining. We were talking about how our moms would love the market and want to buy everything – sorry, moms, we just couldn’t fit it all in our suitcases, you’ll have to come check it out for yourselves. After the market, we stopped by a local mall to look for an outfit for Madeline and found these pretty sweet, tiny hats for US$100 which was way too much but the photo was free.
For about US$85 I took home this haul. One thing isn’t pictured because it’s a gift (well, a couple things pictured are gifts too, but you’ll just have to act surprised). My favorites: jammy pants (super soft with pockets!), a woven bowl (which will look perfect on my coffee table), a glass bead and brass necklace and a sisal and leather woven purse. If you ever come for safari, this is a must-see stop. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more weekend adventures!

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