They are currently running specials on Mediterranean Windstar cruises, among other getaways.

To my friends who like to travel in style and want to steer clear of a vacation that might be more of an adventure for the wrong reasons, I wanted to share with you my new travel website obsession – This website offers everything from high-end travel experts to help you plan your trip to a listing of beautiful art hotels at discounted prices. Don’t read this wrong, this is not a regular “deal” type site where you can get a two-for-one at a chain hotel. Instead it feels like a fancy department store with beautiful photos, clean lines and exotic locals.

They list hand-picked, exclusive deals on their site and you can opt in for a range of emails alerting you to when things go on sale. I think my first foray into the site will be a hotel room for my trip to Chicago in October, the choices are endless. If you are interested in joining and earning a $25 credit, click here. Thanks for checking in!

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