Blue laser lights, a drum line and a Dr. Who theme (I need to get caught up on this for the references) welcomed our whole group of 1,317 Mozillians into our work part of the week. We then spent the rest of the day in our smaller Foundation team learning about each other’s work, talking about our strategic plan and getting to know each other.
After our work sessions were complete for the day, we headed out to group dinners. Half my group walked across the city to our restaurant, Rosa’s Thai Cafe. Along the way, we saw a million British flags, pretty sidewalk gardens, statues and a bagpiper.
Dinner was amazing! Pictured here are all the items that came with the vegetarian option (see here if you’re interested). We had a group of 11 from across the Foundation and chatted about everything from our childhood fears to our awkward introductions to new people during this trip in London. All in all, a great time. Hope you had a fantastic day too, wherever you might be.

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