After 12 hours of sleep, I was ready to take on my second day in London, which reminds me a lot of New York City, but charmingly British. This morning, I found the quintessential red phone booth on the sidewalk, picked up my badge/t-shirt for my All Hands meeting (the reason I’m here), and blogged over a latte and a pain au chocolat.
Then I hopped on the tube and headed for The British Museum. This amazing, huge museum is free to enter, with a suggested 5£ donation, which makes it very popular and crowded. Sadly, the Japanese print from 1831 I wanted to see, Kanagawa-oki nami-ura, wasn’t on display (you can make an appointment on Wednesdays for a private showing). However, thousands of treasures from around the world were available for viewing, including the Rosetta Stone (middle right), the Three Nereids from Xanthos, Greece 390-380 BC (bottom left), and a beautiful Ghanaian tapestry woven out of flattened soda bottle tops.

The only British exhibit I saw was the Waddesdon Bequest (upper left) which was an amazing collection of 300 objects left to the museum in 1898. Quite remarkable (said in a British accent). Finally, even the food court was stylish – the pastry display and my lunch were pretty and I had my first proper bag of crisps.

I always love strolling around drugstores and grocery stores when I am abroad. They usually have great things you can’t find anywhere else – like the sunscreen (P20) I found at Boots which isn’t approved for the U.S. but provides all-day protection in one application (I need this!). I also checked out Marks and Spencer, part department store part fancy grocery store with a whole aisle devoted to biscuits. I was on the hunt for this picnic basket (get ready to scroll for days but it’s so cute!) they just gave out at Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday picnic on Sunday. M&S sponsored the lunch, so I thought I’d take a chance.
The day ended with the opening reception for my meeting – London-themed. The food was amazing and the wandering musicians were great. I was able to put lots of faces I’ve seen via video calls to actual people (heights were varied, unlike on calls). All around awesome way to start our week together and now I must rest up for our first real day tomorrow, night! 

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