With 80% of my day spent in meetings, I bring you my evening adventures in tea. I chose the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason from a lovely top ten list from The Telegraph, partially for the name but mostly for its casual dress code and tea selection. Located on the top floor of its beautiful retail space, the tea room was very fancy (complete with a grand piano).
The color scheme was so classic and pretty with beautiful china and silver accents.
The waiter suggested the Countess Grey Tea and I later chose the Moroccan Mint. Both were delicious, the first slightly orange-flavored and the second, a green tea, refreshing. Note, two pots by yourself is a lot of tea (especially after 7pm; I was up until after 2am, wide awake).
The towers of food were limitless, although one pass through was enough for me. The finger sandwiches were the best: 

Cucumber with Mint & Cream Cheese 
Carrot Hummus, Golden Raisins & Watercress 
Rare Breed Hen’s Egg Mayonnaise, English Cress 
Grilled Peppers with Tomato Cream Cheese

I also had scones with clotted cream, blueberry preserves and lemon curd, and a plate of desserts, including an amazing chocolate mousse inside a chocolate shell. They even sent me home with a beautiful box of sponge cake filled with raspberry preserves and mascarpone cheese because I was too stuffed to visit the cake cart. Plus, my blood sugar was already dangerously high at this point, even without any sugar in my tea. In all, it was a wonderful and relaxing experience to have at the end of the day. Hope you find a moment for you today!

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