I love talking to people who are true locals, the ones who grew up and still live in the town they always have lived. They have a unique love for their community and think other people are crazy to ever move away. I like that they open small businesses and become invested in the local economy and can offer recommendations for days. Brian and I recently had our weekly date night at such a place in Downtown Lee’s Summit a couple of weeks ago at the Red Door Wine Store. We talked to the owner about his business and the other comings and goings of the downtown businesses, I always like to know what is new and notable. We brought in our own snacks, as the store has no food, and enjoyed a glass of wine and a beer.

Our picnic on the left (yes that is our marble cheese cutter, you can’t cut cheese well without one!) and out of the window of the store, the sunset behind William B. Howard Station Park – all 0.4 acres of it, including the caboose.
Switching gears to some local shopping now. I was talking to one of my UMKC classmates who just moved to K.C. from Atlanta and we were talking about the best places to buy shoes in the area. She asked if I had ever been to Bob Jones in downtown K.C. and I said that I hadn’t, that is until today. I am not sure what took me so long to check it out but it is definitely worth a visit, especially if a man in your life has shoe needs and/or wide shoe needs. I loved the “back rack” of women’s sale shoes, and all the purses and accessories. Have you been yet?

And now, back to food. When we were at the Red Door Wine Store, the owner suggested that we check out a place called the Canoe Club in Lake Lotawana (same town as Marina Grog and Galley) after we were mutually complaining about all the chain restaurants in our area. [Note to any restaurant entrepreneurs – please open a good one in Downtown Lee’s Summit. We need you!]

Calamari, fish tacos and sweet potato fries at the Canoe Club.

The Canoe Club was so good! They had live music, cheap drinks (w/a variety of microbrews to choose from), yummy food and our waiter was super nice. It’s not very often we find all of those elements in one place. We will definitely be back. Hope you have a great weekend!

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