UMKC’s mascot bush on campus.

In one of my classes this past week, our Organizational Leadership professor introduced us to the three main steps of the spiritual journey:

  1.) Leaving home – escaping the shackles of convention

  2.) The quest – entering wilderness, plunging the depths, confronting demons

  3.) Returning home – armed w/gifts earned during the journey

He also likened these steps to paralleling virtually all movie plots. As I thought about my first week of boot camp grad school, I thought about traveling and all the journeys I have been on. Walking on campus for the first time yesterday, trying to find where I could procure my student ID, I felt like a stranger in a foreign land. I had to stop and ask for directions, walk farther than anticipated due to poor parking/map coordination and endure the Kansas City heat – which rivaled any African heat I have experienced. But despite that, I am excited to be starting on another wild ride because who knows where I might end up and the gifts I will end up carrying. Thanks for checking in!

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