Months 34 and 35 of the non-stop travel streak are finally here. If you keep up with my list to the right you know that I have a few trips planned – the crazy thing is that most of them will take place in the next two months. This provides for some perfect work/life balance. I try to travel over weekends if it’s personal, but with grad school starting up in August, I am trying to fit things in before I have assignments to do.

What’s in store (in order of appearance):

  • New Orleans – National Conference on Volunteerism and Service (attending and presenting on starting high quality summer youth volunteer programs) – work related
  • Sedona, AZ – celebrating 10 years of marriage (a month early)
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica – for blog winner weekend
  • Pasadena, CA – to visit one of my favorite aunt/uncle combos
  • *Grand Lake Stream, ME – going with my husband, in-laws, my parents and brother for a week of summer fun and relaxing

* Oh man, I just realized that I have never told you, my lovely blog buddies, about my favorite place to travel to. This is extra surprising, as people often tell me I talk about being from Maine too much. I am going to remedy that now so that you too can discover this place for yourselves, if you are, like me, a fan of the great outdoors, tiny towns and inconvenient places to get to – that is unless you have access to, or the budget for, a sea plane to land you on the lake.

The stream, of Grand Lake Stream. I have inner-tubed many times on this slow but steady stream.

First off, I have been traveling to Grand Lake Stream almost every summer since I was about five. It is an idyllic setting for a summer vacation. The blueberries grow wild, the lightning bugs are bountiful and you have to drive 45 minutes out of town to get a cell phone signal. There is one road in, one multi-purpose store that sells as many fly fishing implements as brands of soda, a post office and a population of about 150 (according to the 2000 census, not much internet up there to update their wiki site).

My mom can comment if I’m wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the cabin we rent every summer. So cozy!

The town lies between two huge lakes with a stream connecting the two, hence the name. It’s a paradise for quiet, swimming in what Brian calls “freezing water” (it is glacier fed), fishing (which I try to avoid at all costs but it makes my dad happy), kayaking and visiting with the friends and family you brought in with you (since there are not a lot of other people around there. Well, there are two people that live there that I love, Miss Cathy and Mr. Bill, who I’ve known since I was 5 and we all lived in New York City together. They started the Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival, which we will also be attending when we’re there, which is an awesome fair with great folk music, canoe building, iron forging and lobster eating.

Just a two and half hour scenic drive, with paved roads, will get you from the Bangor airport to GLS. I am mostly excited that Brian’s family, minus his middle brother and sister-in-law, will be joining us and finally get to experience what I have always referred to as my favorite place on earth.

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