Have you ever had a day where you planned nothing but just did anything that came along? I haven’t had many of those myself, but had one today. It’s obviously easier to do in some places than others and since we are in Miami, the Keys seemed like a good place to play for a day. The only thing on the agenda (you probably knew there would be something, right?) was a piece of key lime pie from Ma’s Fish Camp, which I had read about in Budget Travel magazine while I was in Madagascar. So, after a Starbucks run we hopped in the car and this is what ensued from there… 

Found the mecca of all things sandal, flip flop heaven…
Brian eating some mighty fine mahi mahi.
The key lime pie, rumored to be the new best, waiting for this year’s contest to take over the reigning champion.
 Beautiful roadside beach along Route 1.
Looking for the kitsch? Here it is, a lovely manatee mailbox holder and a spiny Floridian lobster sculpture both found at a roadside art gallery.
And then it was onto The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center.
And finally a two hour cruise to see the only undersea park in the U.S. by glass bottomed boat. (John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park)
And wrapped up the day with a Mediterranean pizza and beers at Andiamo. Yum!

Then it was time for bed. Cheers!

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