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After a good night’s rest, I drove down the street to check out Joshua Tree Coffee Company. Their outdoor patio was the best – the latte was good too!

Today was spent adventuring all over Joshua Tree National Park – and here’s my proof of entry photo. I’ve always wanted to see this park – where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet. While this trip involved going into the park for just a day, I would love to spend more time in the park finding more spots to hike. Brian and I need to get to more National Parks together anyway.

We drove around the park – which is mainly Joshua Trees, rocks, and some small mountains. It was kind of surprising how few cacti we could see, at least from the road. We visited the Jumbo Rocks which prompted the need for a jumping photo, obviously.

I was on an epic search for my favorite Joshua tree. This one along the Hidden Valley trail was today’s winner.

Hiking is my happy place. The Hidden Valley Trail was a good one, even though it was 77 degrees outside (hence my red face).

I also hiked the Barker Dam Trail. The dam is really just a concrete wall but still fun to find in the desert.

A little further down the trail I found some cacti – just in case you were worried.

And back towards the parking lot of the Barker Dam Trail I saw some petroglyphs.

I felt lucky to have found this beautiful Mojave kingcup cactus in bloom. I was able to identify it through a Googling rabbit hole. The rainfall the winter prior has to be abundant enough for them to bloom and when they do, it’s only for a couple of weeks.

I know some of my friends are tired of me talking about how much I love my Google Pixel 3 phone, but this photo using Night Sight just brings me joy.

Tomorrow we’re headed back to reality–flights, work, shoes–but it was such a nice long weekend getaway. Special thanks to my travel buddy and friend, Dynasti. Until next time!

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