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My friend Dynasti and I were so proud of ourselves for planning a trip together for this spring to Joshua Tree all the way back in December. We only recently learned that we managed to book it during the same weekend as Coachella, oops. Oh well, we’re on vacation so we had a nice lunch at Sugarfish (the Brentwood location) before joining the traffic driving East.

We had an amazing 10-course sushi lunch called the Nozawa. This was the tuna sashimi (above), came after the edamame and before the albacore sushi. Then there was the salmon sushi, the toro hand roll, the yellowtail sushi, the sea bass sushi, the NZ sea bream sushi, the crab hand roll, and the daily special. Everything melted in the mouth and was delicious. 

After happily stuffing ourselves with sushi, we headed down to Caffe Luxxe for some caffeine (we were both up before the sun to catch early flights). This iced latte was the best.

On the way back to our car, I had to take a photo of this beautiful succulent garden. If you are ever need a florist in LA, check out Flowers with Love – really incredible flowers and plants.

We then hopped in our giant Ford F150, and headed to Joshua Tree. It took us about 4.5 hours, instead of the “normal” 2.5 hours we had planned on. Avoid Coachella traffic at all costs if you go in the spring! The traffic was snarly but we had a nice smooth ride – and I’ve always wanted to drive a truck, so this trip seemed like the perfect chance, especially once we got on the hilly dirt roads to our Airbnb.

The backyard of our Airbnb property – The Saguaro Hideaway in Joshua Tree – is definitely one of its best features. I have always wanted to see a Joshua tree in person, so this yard had me taking photos like crazy.

I also love this sun porch that has big windows on three sides and cute little details all around.

We headed into town for some groceries and takeout food for dinner. We managed to make it back just in time to see the sun disappearing behind the hills. It looked like a movie set. Thanks for stopping by–more adventures await tomorrow!

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