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After a yummy breakfast, complete with fresh croissants and apricot preserves, we headed out to see all the outdoor sculptures. The one at the top is made of rocks from around the world. It features an American-made hot tub in the middle. For an hour each Saturday and Sunday, you can pay roughly $10 to soak in an aromatherapy bath and be part of the living exhibit. Unfortunately, we had other plans during the time.

I found sea glass on the beach, which I never seem to find. We also saw the beautiful crane on the bottom right as he searched out some breakfast. Cranes symbolize longevity and good luck, appropriate for our anniversary trip.

Yayoi Kusama’s Yellow Pumpkin is iconic on the island.
Just in case the pop art experience didn’t wow you before, here’s my jumping bean version.

The “Art House Project” is a collection of six formerly vacant houses. They were built more than 400 years ago and have now been renovated into works of art. The house at the top left was a former home and office for a dentist. It is now home to walls painted all shades of blue and a life-size white plastic Statue of Liberty.

As you walk through the Honmura district, you walk past little shops and little pieces of artwork tucked in. My favorites were an insect made out of a can, a girl woven out of yarn, and a little cat under a light on a fencepost.

As we walked through the narrow streets, you couldn’t help but notice how amazing some people’s yards were. Jealous!

Since we’ve been walking a ton and carrying our Tortuga backpacks, we treated ourselves to some massages at the Benesse House Spa. I had a traditional shiatsu massage and Brian had a deep tissue massage. Afterwards, we agreed that they were the best massages we’d ever had. 

We had our last meal in Naoshima at the French restaurant at our hotel. It was SO good. The mini cheese puffs, butternut squash soup with truffled cream, and fresh focaccia bread were amazing.

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