After breakfast in Tokyo, a couple of train rides and a funicular, we arrived at Gora Hanaougi, a ryokan (a Japanese traditional inn).

We had a private onsen bath on our terrace. Brian (who approved this photo) thought it was a bit hot – so we added in some cold water.

We donned our provided jammies and wandered downstairs for dinner. We had a private little room for our twelve course meal. You could hear other diners but it was pretty quiet so we whispered our way through the almost three-hour meal. A lot of the items were good, some were strange, but we got through it all. The sashimi and the dessert fruit were the best!

At breakfast, my resolve to try everything was tested by not having a menu of what we were eating. Having grown up a fairly picky eater, I think I have grown more adventurous, as this blog can attest. However, there’s just something about breakfast for me – I just like some coffee and something simple. I did try most of the things but it was an experience!

Loving this giant, soft cotton robe with a fancy sash – and hoping I can find one to bring home!

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