When Brian and I moved to Southern California right after our honeymoon. As we settled into our new geography, including Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. I think we only went to each once or twice, but it’s a fun memory of the early days. It seemed fun, and fitting, to end our 15th anniversary trip with a visit to Disney Tokyo. We chose the DisneySea park, as it was rumored to be one of the most unique parks in the chain and it is also celebrating it’s 15th anniversary.
This photo of us on the Indiana Jones ride cracks me up as it portrays our personalities in general. (I realize it’s tiny, so I’ll describe it to you.) Brian is contentedly sitting in the upper left corner as he watches the rolling ball of “death” come at us, right as the Jeep quickly drops underneath it, to which I scream my head off to. I like us and how we approach life differently. 🙂
As you might imagine, the food in the park is unique. The best snack I found were these “little green men” mochi filled with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry creams. Yum!
After spending most of the day waiting in lines, walking the park and riding rides, we headed back to our hotel. We got ready for dinner at the Palace Hotel Tokyo. We had a cocktail in one of the fancy lounges, overlooking the Imperial Palace (although it was in the dark so couldn’t be seen), and then had a scrumptious sushi meal at Kanesaka. (Un)fortunately, photos weren’t allowed in the restaurant, so we enjoyed our meal with no documentation (which of course was sad for me but probably enjoyed by Brian).

It was a wonderful trip, full of unique and interesting places, foods and people. Thanks for following along our adventures and I’ll be back real soon!

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