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After a traditional Japanese breakfast, we packed our bags and dropped them off at the visitor’s center. For roughly $20, we got to go on a lovely hike without our luggage (worth every penny!). We were treated to the perfect day for a hike, despite rumors the day before of rain.

The town we were leaving, nestled in the trees below the trail.

Apparently there are bears in these woods, so bells were stationed all along the trail, along with a sign asking you to ring loudly. I was happy to comply!

About halfway up the trail there was a stop for hikers. A man served us tea and candies next to a great smelling campfire. They even had free wifi!

One of two waterfalls along the trail.

When we were getting some water for the hike, I spotted this bottle of “Pocari Sweat” (which I had to buy). I waited until most of the hike was over to try it and it was delicious – like a lemon-lime Gatorade.

The end of the trail was as pretty as the beginning.

We strolled around town and had a quick lunch of sandwiches and iced coffee. Our bags were dropped off at the other visitor’s center in Magome and we headed for the bus, a local train, a bullet train, a subway and finally the last stop on our trip. More on that tomorrow!

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