We found a place right around the corner from our hotel in Osaka for breakfast called Morning Glass Coffee. They had just opened this location (their first being in Honolulu, HI) and were very excited to have Americans come for a meal. We stayed in the business district so most people stopping by so far were not on vacation like we were. They asked us lots of questions and were very friendly. I had a yummy iced vanilla latte and a breakfast burrito.
We walked around a little bit and then headed to the train station, bound for Tsumago, an ancient town in the mountains. Before we left the station, we stopped at a little sushi place for some delicious lunch. This was my hand-picked spread and Brian had the 10-piece Chef’s special.
The town was so cute and lots of little shops were open when we got there.
My favorite part about walking around the town was the beautiful flowers people were growing. Lots of houses had fresh bouquets of them hanging on their doors as well.
This little well house stood on the side of the narrow road.
We stayed in a 200+ year old ryokan that is now being run by the 9th generation owner. We had a lovely dinner, minus the scary salted fish (those teeth!), and slept on the traditional Japanese mats. The walls were literally paper thin, but luckily there was only one other guest staying there. It was a fun experience and nice to get out of the big cities.

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