First, a little blog housekeeping (in case you were on pins and needles from the last post). Twila chose option #4 for their lodging for the blog winner weekend. We’re going in mid-March, so there will be more to come on that soon.

As for now, I am sending you Swahili greetings from Kenya! I arrived to my hotel this morning at 1am and crashed, despite the 6 hours of sleep I had on the flight here from Paris. I then proceeded to sleep until 1:15pm. Needless to say, I did not see or do much on my first day in Kenya outside of some work, a tepid shower and a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner with my colleague, Laura who had arrived from Ghana at 7am this morning. We were a bit punchy but managed a small walk to and from our meal.

On the recommendation of another colleague, we checked out Java House which was rumored to have great coffee and lots of foods that ex-pats love. Since we were both coming out of sleep comas, it seemed wise to not send stomachs into any foreign territory yet. I had a cheese, tomato and guacamole sandwich, some seasoned french fries and a lovely mocha.

I am now forcing myself to stay awake until 10pm in order to get myself on this new timezone, 9 hours ahead of home. The next week will hopefully bring you more exciting posts but I wanted to at least let those who worry (mom) know that I made it here safely. Thanks for checking in!

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