After an hour ferry ride, our first stop in Maui was to sample some of the local brew. I always think of Elf when people proclaim they have the best – although this place was pretty darn good!
As we strolled through the town of Lahaina, along with a giant cruise boat full of other visitors, we came across this really cool tree.
Walking up some stairs to a place called “Dan’s Green House” I thought we would find a head shop, but it was a tropical plant and bird store. Brian made friends with this 6 month old parrot who kept biting him. This store is the only one on Maui that certifies plants and birds to travel back to the mainland.
We ate lunch at a place called Kimo’s, which was okay, but the view was incredible. I couldn’t get over how cool this cloud was so I took his picture.

After some gelato and a little more walking around in the 80+ degree heat, we headed back to the dock and took an earlier ferry back to Lanai. We were glad we visited but it was very crowded compared to Lanai. Most people have left for the weekend and we are virtually at the resort with what feels like 20 other people. We were craving some pizza so we checked out a local place called Pele’s Other Garden, it wasn’t fancy but it hit the spot. Unfortunately when we were on Maui we found out that our sunset cruise for tomorrow had been canceled since we were the only people signed up – I think that would have made it perfect but since Brian hasn’t been feeling well maybe it worked out for the best.

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