I am not quite done with my recap post of all the swag from SXSW and the NTC – I had to buy an additional suitcase after all – so you’ll get that in a day or two. In the meantime, I totally forgot that I promised one of the seniors at the Lott Carey Mission School that I would share this video with the world when I got home. Lawrence, aka Sweezy, is an aspiring rapper.

His dad lives in the U.S. and works hard to support his family back in Liberia. Emile, Lott Carey’s principal, said he wished that Lawrence was as dedicated to his school work as he is to recording his first album, which Lawrence says he’s been working on everyday after school. He wasn’t shy to give me a sample (pardon all the ‘n’ words) and said the world would be hearing a lot more from him soon. Check it out:

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