I’ll admit, after I came in December, India was not on the top of my “countries visited” list. I found it overwhelming (as people usually describe) in all senses of the word – smell, sound, sights, cuisine, pace, etc. Parts of it were lovely but it was hard for me to focus on them in spite of everything else. Now that I am on my second trip, things are going much better for me. I have been able to relax into things a little more naturally and packed enough snacks to offset the 24/7 spice parade that is most all food here.

After work yesterday, I went to the Rock Fort (pictured above) with two of my U.S. colleagues and together we walked barefoot up all 344 steps to the top temple (lower, right-hand corner). The rock is one of the oldest rock formations in the world, at 3.8 billion years of age. Inside the rock, several temples and a fort are carved – both serving their purposes for centuries — the first temple was built in 580 AD.

Our transportation for the evening was the lovely, yellow auto rickshaw I am sitting in. In case you want a glimpse of what that was like, I took a short video for you.

The city of Trichy below from near the top of the Rock Fort.

After our temple adventures, we went for a little clothes shopping — I think I am ready for spring now — and then headed back to the hotel for dinner. In all, it was a pretty good day. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon.

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