So, this week I am back home in Kansas City, but I am living at the Intercontinental Hotel for a one week residency to kick off grad school. As a compliment to long days in the classroom, we are lucky enough to be eating good food and sleeping a couple of floors below! I love hotel living – especially having someone make my bed and when the hotel is nice. The Intercontinental ranks fairly high in my book for things like cleanliness (no other people’s hairs lying about), ample outlets (a big plus in my book), king-sized bed (so I can sleep my favorite way – like I was dropped off a building – or a star, depending on how you look at it) and best of all, this…

…a towel elephant! I thought you only got these on cruise ships. I was hoping on day two it would morph into a different animal but I found an elephant still sitting in my chair when I got back after the end of the day. Maybe I should find out how to make a different animal and leave it for the maid as a trade. Thanks for checking in!

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