Today we traveled around to different villages to visit fistula survivors who had been reintroduced to life outside the rehabilitation center. We were seven people in a pickup truck bouncing down the road. We were able to see four of the five women we went looking for. They all seemed very happy. They were all using the trade skills they learned in rehab. Their families had accepted them back. We were glad they were doing so well.

During one of the visits we walked up to see a building that was going to be a new Forestry building. They had started construction before the war but it was looted and now sits vacant. We talked to one of the guys from the Forestry service and we asked how far away the pygmy hippos were – they only live in Liberia. He said they mostly live in a park a day’s drive away. He also told us that there used to be a mini zoo right next to where we were standing, but the people had had to eat all the animals in there during the war to survive.

The people here are so welcoming. Two of the women we saw today gave us gifts of food for just visiting. It was hard to take things from people who have so little. Everyone we’ve met along our way has been so friendly to us. People are willing to share very personal stories with us as well. Tomorrow the Liberian doctor is taking us all out for a night on the town – complete with Club Beer!

It’s hard to believe we only have three more days here. Looking forward to seeing you when we get home!

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