You’ve got to love a new packing challenge, right?  If you pack often it gets kind of stale. You throw out the list you used to use and check off diligently, because you have memorized how many pairs of underwear you need for a five day trip. As I get ready for back-to-back trips to Austin (6 days) and D.C. (4 days) I have arrived at a packing dilemma – two totally different climates, two opposite conference vibes and one suitcase. Not wanting to schlep my whole closet around, I came up with the following solutions (and a few more not pictured) in an ode to another of my favorite magazine-esque features:

Austin’s outfit on the left and the items to be added in D.C. (jacket, tights and boots)
So this is the D.C. version of this outfit. I am not sure I will be brave enough to actually wear these leg warmers out in public. They have been hiding in my closet with their original tags for about four years now. I will lose all the warm gear and pare this down to just the tank dress with some gladiator sandals.
I didn’t realize until I started packing how many of my clothes are black, white, gray and olive green. Weird – am I really that boring? Anyway – this shirt is colorful, so that will make another appearance in the D.C. outfit to the left. I may also stick with the skirt and wear some textured tights with it later – bonus, three outfits!

That’s all for now, I should probably get some rest before an early flight tomorrow and a schedule of unlimited and unending conference fun. Thanks for bearing with a new type of blog post and hope you have a great week!

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