As the cold snap and record snow falls envelop the U.S., I checked out the weather channel for temperatures in Monrovia – the next ten days are all in the 90’s. This will be a nice break from the cold, but that is definitely going to be hot! 
In the annual address on Monday, President Ellen Sirleaf told the legislation, Liberia faces a momentous national choice between sliding backward or surging forward.” As refugee camps are being built for the 30,000 displaced Ivorians and preparations for elections in November are being made, there is uncertainty in the air about what is next for the nation. I hope for peace and safety for our travels.

After this weekend I am almost ready to go. I am mostly packed, have only one more type of batteries to purchase, purchased new songs and t.v. shows for my iPod, figured out how to use the water purifier, determined that Liberian power outlets are the same as in the U.S. and have only a couple more things to finish in the way of trip preparations. I now need to get work stuff in order and get the home stuff figured out and I will be all set to go. Hard to believe we’re almost on our way. Such an adventure awaits!

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