Near the solar power plant in Lancaster, CA, photos at the end of this post, there is a small stretch of road that was carved to play the William Tell Overture when driven over going 50 miles an hour. This was done for a Honda commercial. We drove over it and I captured it below – sorry for the shaky hand and the giggling, I didn’t expect that it was really going to work and it was a pretty funny thing to witness.

Yesterday, we also visited the prototype solar power plant that is part of the company my uncle works for. (Basically, the mirrors are pointed to the two towers via cameras tracking the sun to remotely control the mirror angles. The water in the tower is then heated to produce steam that is then converted into power – in case you wondered.) It was quite the sight.

My Aunt Linda and I in front of the mirror field and the two towers in the background. (A full power plant would have 12 of these towers and a ton more mirrors.)
Fire valves – hmm, maybe this is my dad’s influence, but I really like this wheel of valves.
Thousands of mirrors waiting on the sun. Sorry for the nerdy photos – but it’s hard to not be geeked out by solar energy though, am I right?

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