Awhile back I had posted that the blog contest winner weekend had been booked and that I was in need of some ideas for the “7 Wonders of Kansas City” adventure. I didn’t hear any suggestions and I need some soon, pretty please! I think it would be fun for you, and me, to give each item a shout-out to its suggester on the blog in the recap of the weekend. They could be seasonal (like your favorite things to do this time of year in KC) or normal (like you love going to Union Station), whatever you have, I’m open. I am running out of time as it is officially three weeks from yesterday that the barely 24 hour long adventure will take place (SW’s block on the last flight of the day on Friday for Rapid Rewards tickets is to blame for the shortened stay). So far I have one or two ideas of my own and could use your help with a few, or six more. Just post the ideas as a comment to this post. Thanks!

Another reason I am feeling frantic is that there are two trips that will take place before the contest winner’s weekend – Houston and Lanai, HI. The first for work, the latter for play. I am stoked about both as they will be two new destinations for me. But I am really most excited that today we booked a couples massage for Lanai and they said that it will take place in a cabana over-looking the ocean…just like in all the movies. I love making my movie dreams come true.

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