My friends Mike and Vanessa are embarking on a month long “Song of the Day” blogging challenge. They are setting a theme for each day and so far I have been highly entertained and in agreement, two of my favorite things! Today’s theme was about songs that make them happy. It made me think of things that make me happy – one of which you already know from reading along. I took a picture yesterday of something else that makes me really happy:

I love books and I love travel books even more. I realize that they go out of date quickly, are usually just used for one great trip and donated to the library, but they are a place to start an adventure.

Since I’ve gotten started, I also love:

  • 75 degree weather w/a slight breeze
  • getting good things for free
  • catching up with someone I haven’t seen for a long time
  • finishing a big project
  • sleeping in and feeling rested on a Saturday and then realizing that it is only 7am and you have a whole day ahead of you
  • trying something new that you realize you love
  • laughing so hard you pull a muscle
  • being able to help someone through something hard and making out the other side still friends
  • finding something you forgot you had that you needed
  • that exhausted feeling you get after a good workout or a long day of doing physical labor
  • making music
  • the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing
  • looking at old photographs of my immediate family
  • drinking the perfect mocha (thank you Hi Hat)
  • taking a nap on Sunday afternoon (going there after I post this)

I could go on but I think you get the idea. Hope wherever you are you can think of a few things that make you happy too.

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