For people who wonder what I was doing and why, here is the story in pictures:

Many children in Haiti are living in the care of orphanages. They, like everyone else in the world, deserve to have a chance at a bright future.
In order to have a bright future, people need basic things like food, education and access to clean water. The groundwater situation in Haiti, and many other places in the world, is very poor. The water coming from wells is full of bacteria (much of which comes from a lack of toilets) and dissolved/undissolved solids, like salts and heavy metals. Some people collect rainwater (or in this case, runoff water) for drinking.
Another option for water, is a filtration system that will take out the bacteria and some of the solids. This system was like the one that we were installing at one of the orphanages. There was a solar powered element to this system as well, which operated the filtration and, in some cases, the well pump.
Once the filtration system is installed, the orphanages can use their excess clean water as a way to generate revenue to maintain the water system, take care of the orphans and share clean water with the rest of the community.

In all, it was a very interesting solution to consider and see in action. The orphanages are very excited about getting clean water for their kids and the kids are learning about why untreated water makes them feel sick. We taught some basic hygiene classes to the kids and had a celebration with them when the filtration system was finally working properly. I look forward to learning about more solutions to the water crisis in the future. Thanks for checking in!

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