I met up with my best friend, Jessica, in Savannah for a much-needed girlfriend getaway. We’d been talking about finding a time to get away for 2017 and we finally made it happen! We met up at the airports, with flights landing within 30 minutes of each other, rented a car and headed to lunch at the Green Truck Pub. I had the El Camino salad (more like a taco than a salad) and a local cider by Treehorn
We found our Airbnb and decided to get unpacked. When we flipped open our almost identical suitcases, we discovered our matching packing cube twin-ness. It was too funny not to snap a photo of the likeness.
We went to dinner at The Grey, which if you ask anyone who lives in or has visited Savannah they will tell you to go. It did not disappoint, but get yourself a reservation, which we had, because remember our suitcases in the last photo? Anyway, it was delicious and very reasonably priced – we couldn’t believe the ticket at the end of the night. It’s in a 1938 art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal that has been beautifully restored.

We had some delicious cocktails (mine is in the front, a Speedwell’s Trial with gin, grapefruit and pamplemousse liquor – so well balanced), salads (I had the Charred Vegetable Salad with okra, sweet potato and peanuts), and a couple of small plates – the beer battered shrimp and the raviolo (yes, it was one ravioli, but it was amazing!).

We then headed to Foxy Loxy for their Saturday night Fire and Wine specials.
Under the sign was a pile of wood and marshmallow sticks. Inside we bought wine and a smores kit that had chocolate and graham crackers.
We sat next to this super hot fire and had a leisurely chat while watching the big crowd of people all around. Everyone was enjoying the fire and the atmosphere. I liked the unlimited marshmallows.
Earlier in the day we’d wandered around, poking in shops and trying on outfits that we’d never really buy, and bought some facial masks. After dinner we got comfy and tried out some facial fun while watching the first episode of Veep – both were a pretty great way to end a day. Thanks for stopping by!

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