After our earlier adventures, we headed to the Savannah School of Art and Design Museum of Art. There were several great exhibits including one with tiny figurines doing giant things (like the little man painting an entire column blue – upper right), colored termite mounds built by termite colonies from colored sand, gold, glitter and crystals (bottom right), and a floor sculpture made of silver wrapped candies (bottom left). 
After resting at our Airbnb for a bit, we headed out for dinner at Collins Quarter. It was cute and cozy and the food was delicious. We had the cheese plate and I had the fungi tacos in wonton shells – so good!
The Cucumber Basil Collins. Light and refreshing!

We also did some shopping during the day. I would highly recommend the Paris Market and the rest of the shops up and down Broughton Street. The weather has been so nice and we’ve had so much time to get caught up on all the little and big things since the last time we hung out in person (I think in June). Until tomorrow for my last post of the rest of our trip!

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