I was contacted by Azafady this morning to see if I would be willing to bring some gifts for a past volunteer to the guides he worked with on the project. I filled her in on my baggage restrictions but said that I would try – if the gifts are tiny it’s no big deal but obviously I can’t really stretch 44 pounds into accommodating all that I have let alone too much more.

It got me thinking that I should try to plan ahead and bring my own small gifts. (The postage to Madagascar is apparently outrageous which is why they try to send things with the volunteers.) I was trying to think of a good idea of gifts to bring that are small but meaningful. My love language is giving and receiving gifts so I definitely don’t want to just bring a bunch of gummy bears to be consumed and forgotten. Hmm, what to bring? What represents me in a small gift? I’m stumped at the moment, mostly due to the heat going out in my hotel last night and the shivering in a ball didn’t yield much sleep, but I am open to ideas if you’ve got any!

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