Today was mostly our leisurely trek to Sedona. Since I promised to not take away too much time for blogging I will stick to pictures. Enjoy!

Montezuma’s Castle. Seeing as it was between 100-106 with the heat index, the 1/3 mile hike seemed just right to check out this national monument. It was a little crowded at first but watching the narrated diorama redeemed the whole $5 to get in.
Montezuma’s Well, an 8 mile drive from the Castle, provided fresh water to the village that used to lie between the well and the castle. The hand dug irrigation ditches from 700 AD were still flowing and quite impressive. Note: If you go check this out, ignore the signs to turn right for 17N, just go back from where you came from and avoid 6 miles of dirt roads.
Our room at the Amara Resort. I’m sleepy! No sleep until a shower and what proves to be a yummy dinner at Elote Cafe, a recommendation from my new blog friend, Julie. I say – if a restaurant has a separate tequila menu, we’re on a good track. Thanks for checking in!

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