The last week has been a whirlwind of plans! For now, the trip to Rwanda is on hold as I am not sure I am ready for the challenge of the work (and working alone) that the opportunity would provide and they are not able to provide meals anymore due to lack of funding. [Since I don’t cook at home I don’t think I will pick it up in a foreign country.] I am, however, going to Liberia in February for two weeks. I am going with two amazing women from my church to do a scouting trip for a medical missions trip in 2012. I volunteered to help with the trip planning and fundraising and figured I could be a lot more helpful to the process if I went on the scouting trip too.

This trip will be centered around working at Liberia’s rural Fistula clinics. Fistulas are a common occurrence in war-torn countries and occur most often in young women who have been raped and are not physically developed enough to be able to give birth without medical intervention. Living with a fistula often relegates women to very low standing in society and they suffer both the pain of being shunned by their families and the medical complications that the fistula creates. The trip in 2012 will bring doctors and nurses to the clinics to perform fistula correction surgeries, conduct well baby clinics, rehab housing for the patients and the volunteers and whatever else we discover on the scouting trip.

So, this all happened kind of fast but I am so excited that it all worked out. I now need to work backwards a little bit as I don’t really know exactly what to do to prepare. We got our plane tickets today. I know I need a visa and I have all my shots from Madagascar so now it’s time for some research. If this topic is of interest to you, check out the documentary A Walk to Beautiful.

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