So, yeah, finally flew into Kansas City at 7pm last night. It was so nice to finally get off the plane. My bag had come in on an earlier flight so I just picked it up and went. Brian made me pancakes for dinner, yum! We started going through pictures but then it got to be midnight and I felt like some sleep.

Slept well besides the malarial induced crazy dreams. I dreamt about lots of bizarre things while on the drugs, still have a few more days to go with that. Last night’s episode included trying to evade giant mosquitoes which caused me to bundle up in blankets and sweat and then I awoke to one of the many “Charley horses” in my calf that I’ve had over the past month.

All in all, I am excited to settle back into life but it does feel a bit strange. Stopping at the grocery store for milk last night was like an amazing field trip. I will try to get some photos up soon, but in the meantime I’ll be marveling at things like choice in everything, green grass and the lack of bugs. Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts and encouragement!

Sidenote – I just weighed in and I guess I lost five pounds. The diet of rice and beans apparently is not weight-gain inducing but I was convinced that pumping and carrying all my water from a well was going to pack on pounds of muscle.

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