This early spring weather is making me antsy for one of my favorite late-spring/summer past-times – trolling a Farmers’ Market, preferably in a new city, of course. To that end, I wanted to share a few of my favorites in case you find yourself nearby one and want to partake.

1.) The Lee’s Summit Farmers’ Market – starting with the closest one to my house, this is my favorite one, I’m biased. I love that although it’s small, 15-25 booths depending on the time of year, it has everything I need. Also, it opens for the season this Saturday, bonus! Open until the end of the growing season from 7am-sellout on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
2.) The City Market – Just up the road 30 minutes from my local farmers’ market is the City Market, known to most locals as the River Market, but I’ll go with the sign above as it’s official name. This market is huge compared to my local one, which sometimes feels overwhelming but the thing I love is that some of the vendors have permanent storefronts, allowing you to shop throughout the week. They opened in March and officially do business on Saturday and Sunday.
3.) Omaha Farmers Market – Just a 3 hour drive from #2, the Omaha Farmers Market is impressive, even if they do leave the apostrophe out of Farmers’ like the rest. It has a wide range of restaurants, homemade goods (food and non-food) and incredible veggies. I even blogged about it and some other Omaha gems almost a year ago! This market doesn’t open until May 5th, after that it is mostly open Saturdays and Sundays with some special market events thrown in.
4.) Nashville Farmers’ Market – Standing about 9 hours by car east of Kansas City, this year-round market is also climate controlled, compliments of the roof overhead. Boasting a flea market on the weekends, nine restaurants, cooking classes and more; you don’t want to miss stopping by if you’re in the neighborhood. Just make sure you leave some time to properly explore.
5.) Miami Farmers’ Markets – Because it’s Florida and the weather is pretty great year-round, save for the hurricane season maybe, there are too many great markets to pick just one and I can’t honestly remember which ones I have been too over the years. Here’s a list of the top ten.

I would also like to recommend a farmers’ market I went to in southern California but I can’t remember where it was. There are way too many listings for farmers’ markets in the Greater LA area for me to figure it out. Oh well. Where is your favorite market? Don’t have one yet? Check out the search feature of Local Harvest to find one near you. Thanks for checking in!

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