One of my favorite places to go in the fall is Weston, MO. Something about the small downtown reminds me of the towns back home in Maine that I grew up visiting. This weekend I didn’t have class so it seemed like the perfect chance to go up for a day with my husband and my in-laws. It was a little warmer than it should be this time of year, which is fine by me, albeit a bit windy. We met for lunch at the Avalon Cafe and walked around the shops – all starting to get dressed up for the holidays.

Along the way we bumped into Father Christmas, out spreading some cheer. I have gotten into the good habit of asking people for permission before I snap a photo and Santa just asked that he have time to fluff his beard up first.
My favorite shop downtown is Mort’s Classic Cameras (open Wed-Sun, 12pm-5pm). Mort has cameras from all eras for sale and fixes them too. He also carries amazing prints of Orval Hixon’s photographs, old sheet music and 45’s.

We finished our day with dinner at the America Bowman Restaurant/O’Malley’s Pub. Unfortunately their website was wrong and the live music didn’t start until later in the evening than we planned to be there, however, that was salvaged with a sampling of all of their local brews. I liked them all except for the Amber Lager (complete with jalapenos – yikes!).

Yes, these are mini-glasses, no pints here.

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