Every day should start with the avocado toast from Kilimanjaro Coffee. We also had coffees with our breakfast while sitting in the window, watching people pass by.

After breakfast we walked to The Scotch Whiskey Experience for a Master Class.

Known best for the largest unopened collection of scotch whiskey in the world. Purchased by a single collector, Claive Vidiz, the collection features 3,384 bottles that date as far back as 1897, many of the bottles look less than full because of the “angel’s share” – or the portion that evaporates over time.

Our Master Class was with two other couples and an instructor. We did a blind smell test (Brian won!), we learned how to properly taste (just like wine), and tasted four scotch whiskeys. Since it was 10am, we didn’t get too crazy, I even left some in the glasses!

After the tasting we walked about a half hour to Dean Village. Brian had heard it was great for picture taking and he was not wrong. This was one of my best, I think it looks like a painting.

After lunch at a vegan restaurant, we headed to Edinburgh Castle.

I liked the Scottish National War Museum, the views from the top of the hill, and the prisons (I have eclectic taste).

The city below the cannons.

After dinner we headed out for drinks at Under the Stairs with one of my colleagues who was also in town with his wife. We had a lovely evening chatting and swapping stories. I had this pretty cocktail (that I slipped behind our table for a photo) – the Cactus Jack – ocho tequila reposado, prickly pear liqueur, basil liqueur, amaro vermouth, watermelon syrup, citrus. So good! 

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