I was talking to my mom today and she shared with me an idea that I thought I would share with you, thanks mom! So, during the in between times of my parent’s schedules and trips – they are traveling at home. My mom referred to it as their “armchair travels”.

Basically, every month they choose a new country that they are interested in and they gather books, movies, recipes and some phrases to learn as they “explore” the new country chosen. She said they were on France now and are planning to go to Germany next. She said she and my dad were having fun and alluded to having a “Joey & Phoebe” moment when trying to teach my dad some French phrases. (Reading this back to myself, it makes them sound a little nutty – but now you know where I get it from 😉

Maybe this would help my compulsion to go want to go everywhere all the time, but it could do the opposite and I’ll have to finally become a flight attendant after all. We’ll see!

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