Yesterday I sent out an announcement to my work colleagues, letting them know that I am leaving my job in a little over two weeks. This has been hard to manage, given the fact that I turned in my notice on Memorial Day weekend, giving my boss and immediate co-workers two months to make the transition. After almost 9 years working for the same organization, it feels pretty weird to be moving on, but it’s time. (If you care to read my blog post about leaving on my work’s blog, check it out here.) I am ready to take on the next work opportunity, whatever it may be, in addition to starting grad school in about a month. When I told my boss he took it pretty well. He was supportive and I think on some level he knew I would be moving on at some point, but when that was going to be was up in the air.

I felt like I could’ve made this move six months or a year ago but it never seemed like the right time. It still is fairly bad timing, given all the work we are all in the middle of, but that’s just sort of life, isn’t it? A good time for me, which this is, is a bad time for someone else. And obviously, with no crystal ball, we won’t exactly know what’s next, but we are positive that there will be change and a future.

In the past couple of months, I have also discovered a great online store from my friend Jessica. The website, Work is Not a Job, is an inspiring collection of quotes, wood block prints, t-shirts, etc. that express some of my feelings about my life lately. I want all of them wallpapering my house, but I should probably secure another job before that happens. See if any of them resonate with you.

I am also hoping to get this shirt for my birthday!
Thanks for checking in!

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