I saw my first snowflake of the season today, which was even more fitting, seeing as today is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. I found this photo of a snowflake and started reading more about snowflake physics, you can check it out here. I have always loved the idea that all snowflakes are unique but I used to think it was sad that they were only around for a moment – especially when you’re catching them on your tongue. All that beauty, gone in a second.

That got me thinking about life and how all the best moments seem to fade quickly in lives full of the mundane or necessary. I try to battle this off and find true enjoyment in much of life, whether mundane or not, but it’s not always easy. I hope that as all of you wind down your year in whatever ways and traditions you celebrate, that you find yourself savoring the moments that bring you the most joy. Happy Holidays to you all!

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