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I arrived in Portland for a few days of work with a little time to explore at the front end. I checked into my hotel – Hotel Lucia (so cute and fancy) – and headed out for a walk. It’s been awhile since my last trip, I think at least six years, and it’s changed quite a bit. While there are a ton of local shops and restaurants, my most exciting find was a giant Anthropologie & Co.Check out some of these amazing displays!

So pretty – and how do they do this? How do they make decorating so effortless and cohesive? If you are someone with this talent, can you come to my house and help me out?

I controlled myself, but I really wanted to curl up on that couch for a nap.

After walking around, I headed to Tasty n Alder for dinner and this yummy drink. A Brown Derby – bourbon, grapefruit, honey shrub and ginger bitters.

I polled the bar at happy hour to find the best local-approved spot and ended up at Bamboo Sushi. The roll on the right is the Camo roll — avocado, tataki yasai, and cucumber, topped with MSC albacore, coho salmon, and crispy kaiso. The other roll is the 310 — marinated fried tofu, roasted peppers, cucumbers, long bean, and yamagobo, topped with avocado, and sweet shiitake glaze.

I headed back to my hotel to get a little work done and relax a bit. I’ll be back soon with more food picks, at least!

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