Okay, I won’t really be eating New York but why not try? There are so many great options. Here are some highlights from our first day in the city:

We arrived at around 11am and headed out to pick up some lunch. We walked down to Saltie’s (since closed), a cute little, nautical themed sandwich shop. I had the delicious tomato salad above with a watermelon juice, a perfect meal.
After lunch Brian, Jessica and I headed out to visit the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. It is available by guided tour only so we picked the “Getting By” tour which focused on life in the tenement house for immigrants during The Panic of 1873 and The Great Depression. It was a very info packed look back at how hard life used to be for immigrants and we talked about how things weren’t so different today.
After the hour-long tour, we walked over to the Economy Candy store with floor to ceiling offerings of every candy under the sun including a one pound Sugar Daddy, not that I like Sugar Daddies, but still! I did buy some sour cherries and Bottlecaps, Brian bought some black licorice.
Naturally, after a visit to the candy store we headed to Jessica’s favorite cupcake place, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Best cupcake of my life – Ooey Gooey – dark chocolate cake with chocolate almond butter-cream frosting. I almost went up and bought another but I controlled myself.
Cool graffiti mural across the street from Jessica and Brian’s place (yes, this weekend there will be two Brians).
Finally, (my) Brian and I ended the day with a dinner date at Samurai Mama. The Veggie Gyoza was delicious, as was the spicy tuna roll and the spicy ginger margarita. A nice, cozy place for a date even though you are dining at a large table for 30.

A quick checkup on my public transportation progress:  we took a cab from the airport to Jessica and Brian’s apartment (no points), we took the subway into the Lower East side and back (+2) – with Jessica (-2). So, the days ends where it began. Better than backsliding I say! Thanks for checking in!

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