We went to Dallas last weekend for our annual Labor Day weekend visit-the-nephews trip. They are three and almost-two years old. Both of them are blond and spirited. We like seeing them regularly so we can have a good aunt and uncle bond with them – not having to be reminded who we are at each visit. It’s also nice to spend time with their parents too, Brian’s middle brother and his wife – the whole family pictured above.
After a morning visit, we headed to Whiskey Cake in Plano for lunch. Our youngest nephew fell asleep in the car and slept through most of the meal – he’s nice and snuggley when he’s sleeping. We had delicious cocktails – my Texas Bluebonnet is in front of me (blueberry infused veev acai spirit, lemon, egg white, prosecco). Sarah, my sister-in-law, and I shared the citrus & watermelon salad and the Texas gulf shrimp grain bowl – both were incredible.
We all shared this giant piece of signature whiskey cake for dessert (this photo does not accurately represent size) and rolled out of there.
I swear we did more than eat all weekend, but playing Legos, reading books and playing in the park is a little more hands-on and a little less snapping photos every two seconds, like I am conditioned to do at mealtimes.

For Sunday brunch, we met Andrew, Brian’s brother, and the boys at Buzzbrews (the original location). I had the veggie veggie (two wheat tortillas filled with crumbled veggie sausage, tossed with scrambled eggs, melted cheddar and mozzarella; served with garlic marbles, pico and a whole jalapeno) and a delicious vanilla latte with cinnamon on top.

After church and a drive to Fort Worth, we hit an outdoor food truck court (not pictured) and Melt Ice Creams for a tasty treat. I had the boozy buccaneer ice cream (pineapple cinnamon rum caramel).

Our last night in Dallas, Brian and I went out for a date at Blue Sushi Sake Grill. It was SO good! Clockwise from top left we had the: yellowtail serrano sashimi, Pacific rim martini, chocolate springroll with raspberry ice cream, and the crunchy L.A. roll, toro salmon, the roja roll and tuna nigiri. If you are ever in Dallas, you need to check this place out. Great happy hour specials, friendly staff and yummy food – a great combo!

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