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Yesterday was another pretty uneventful day of driving. We entertained ourselves mostly with NPR podcasts, finishing Bossypants and looking up things in the U.S. atlas – I know you’re jealous. We finally located a Starbucks, which was probably the highlight of the day, besides arriving at our destination and picking up the other two people in our group from the El Paso airport. The place we’re staying at is really nice – we all have our own bedrooms and the Sisters are very friendly. Here are a couple of photos from our day:

Driving through pretty desolate, flat land got me to looking up in the sky. I got lots of pictures of clouds and played that “what does it look like” game by myself – I thought this one was a pretty good dog.
We saw a ton of oil pump jacks so I had to photograph at least one.
The Sisters had all of our names on napkin rings when we arrived. I thought this was really cute.
So, we have a pretty big and hot adventure ahead of us – today we are having our first meeting with our Anapra friends across the fence and going for a ride-along with the Border Patrol. (This photo is to mark the whiteness of my skin to start with – I hope to be just as pasty when I depart.)

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