The adventure continues. We spent yesterday at Rick’s Institute visiting the compound that Kathi used to live on when she was in high school. We went back to some of the villages and visited some friends of her parents. After that we went to the market to get food for breakfast and lunch meals, dinners are provided by the guest house. We then went to the dress makers house and got measured for some clothes that should be ready on the weekend. On our way back to the guest house – which is about a two hour drive in crazy traffic – we drove by the US Embassy. Ashley was filming and a guard saw her – we were stopped at a checkpoint and she had to go inside and give her “particulars”. They let us go with the camera, just had to erase the footage. We made it back to the house, ate dinner and stayed up journaling, reading and playing games.

This morning we are back at Lott Carey Baptist Mission School and will be taking a tour of the campus and meeting the students. Later we are going to an orphanage. On our way to the school we were stopped at a checkpoint and they wanted to see our passports. The guy driving got us out of that. Things are definitely a little crazy here. As for the internet – we can have it at the school but we were told they pay $550 a month for it after paying $4200 to get it hooked up. We are lucky to have the school to check it at.

We’ve been drinking bottled water but I switched to the UV treated water I am making with my water purifier. Hopefully it works as promised. Thanks for checking in!

*When Emile was driving us around the city he said he felt like he was driving Miss Daisies.

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