On my trip to D.C., I realized that I had only had only taken pictures of beverages.
Being in D.C. for St. Paddy’s Day wasn’t that exciting, as we were in workshops all day but Jessica and I went to an Irish pub for her first Irish car bomb to celebrate. I really hate getting them in plastic cups since the shot floats around and doesn’t get mixed in but it was still tasty! We went to a pub called James Hoban’s Irish Restaurant. It got good reviews but the band was playing “I’m Proud to Be an American”, etc. so it didn’t feel very Irish.
This little coffee shop was within walking distance of the Washington Hilton where I was staying. The mocha was delish!
*Not pictured: A yummy pineapple mojito that I had at Circa with my dinner in Dupont circle. I ate there in September and came back for one of these drinks.
These were not the most delicious margaritas, as they were a bit too salty, but I liked the glasses and we had the nicest waitress ever. (From Haydee’s Restaurant)
At a networking event at the Russia House I tried my first Russian beer, called Baltika. Even better, it was free! 
Well, that’s it. Besides being inside listening to speakers most of the day, I didn’t really do or see much more of D.C. on this trip. I am going to review the conference swag I got over the past week on the blog tomorrow – so stay tuned. Thanks for checking in!

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