Work trips are sometimes so action-packed that it’s hard to put together a post while I’m on the road. When I get home, I move on to the next thing and sometimes fail to post a recap. Since this was my second trip to Chattanooga, TN for work this year, I couldn’t let it slip by without sharing a few highlights. We’ll start with some breakfast!


(Upper left) The Camp House’s Yogurt and House Made Granola. Not pictured, a delicious latte and the lovely gathering room where you can work or catch up with local friends. (The rest) Brunch at Easy Bistro is a treat. With a menu that is printed daily, you never know what you might find. I had the avocado toast and the vanilla yogurt with candied peaches, honey and granola.

The Dwell Hotel is recently renovated and beautiful, as is their website. Their cocktail bar, Matilda Midnight, is great for a quick snack and a cocktail. I had the Pentacles (plum sake, lime, ginger-hop syrup, watermelon ice cube, and sparkling water). I also couldn’t resist the shrimp fried rice – both were amazing!

Dinner & Drinks

The Public House and St. John’s Meeting Place are perfect spots for dinner. The Public House has two sides – the restaurant and a bar called The Social. Everything, down to the mayo, is made from scratch. One night, Brian and I went for a snack at The Social (left) for pimento cheese spread on grilled sourdough, fried pickles, and a salad. And some cocktails – the Alec Eiffel for me and the Chattahattan for Brian. I also went there for lunch one day and had the (bottom right) wedge salad and heirloom tomato salad.

(Upper right photos) Another night, for dinner, I had a delicious beet salad, summer vegetable tempura (not pictured) and an El Diablo cocktail at the Meeting Place.

Things to See

Walking around Chattanooga, a town of roughly 150,000, you get a sense of a community that wants to get people together. One morning I walked past this park that had hammocks and outdoor games you could play.

Walking across the pedestrian bridge one evening made me realize that there’s a lot to see in this town. I look forward to an excuse to go back and do some more exploring. Where have you explored lately?

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